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  Affordable and comfortable taxi transfer to Rovinj Croatia, from tourist spots in Slovenia and 
airports in vicinity: Klagenfurt,Graz,Vienna,Ronchi Trieste and Marco Polo Venice. Croatian coast 
town Rovinj is situated at 205 kilometers distance from Ljubljana airport in Slovenia. It takes more than two hour ride from Ljubljana´s airport to reach Rovinj, that is when no traffic jams, what can occure in summer time.

  Rovinj (Rovigno) has a very long history.Rovinj was already a settlement of Illyrian tribes in times before being captured by the Roman empire.Before it was connected with the mainland in 1763 by filling in the channel, Rovinj was a small settlement built on an island close to the coast.From 1283 
to 1797 Rovinj was one of the few important towns of Istria under the Republic of Venice. 
After Venice fall and the Napoleonic interlude, Rovinj was part of the Austro-Hungarian empire till 
end of WWI. When WWI ended it belonged to Italy from 1918 to 1947, when it was ceded to than socialist republic of Croatia within former Yugoslavia. Today´s Rovinj, is of course a part of Croatia,which became independent after a long and terrible war in 90´s.

  Rovinj is gently poised between medieval port and upmarket tourist resort. Coastal town managed 
to preserve its character better than anywhere else along the croatian Istrian coast.Venetian style houses and elegant town squares add predominte Italian air to the town, and the harbour is a lovable mixture of localy owned small fishing vessels and luxurious yachts. Rovinj is also the most Italian 
town on croatia´s coast, the language is widely spoken, and street signs are also bilingual. There is 
also an Italian high school in town.

   Our local company offers individual transfer from Ljubljana airport to Rovinj for 170 eur 
and for 150 eur from Ljubljana centre. When traveling in small grouos up to 8 people we can offer a minivanfor 230 eur from airport or when going from Ljubljana centre for 210 eur. Child seats can be 
arranged for families traveling with small kids, no extra charge. We charge no extras for luggage, highway fees, nightime or more time spend on the route in high season traffic jams and we give additional discount for bothway trips. Call us at +386 41 281 228 if more details needed, operators speaks: english, german, russian and serbian. For all other destinations and prices follow links on 
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Call +386 41 281 228

Some  fixed price offers:

Taxi transfer to Rovinj  from airport Ljubljana170 eur

Taxi transfer to Rovinj Croatia from Ljubljana 150 eur

Taxi transfer to Rovinj from Ronchi Trieste 195 eur

Taxi transfer to Rovinj Croatia airport Klagenfurt 230 eur

Taxi transfer to Rovinj Croatia from airport Venice 295 eur

Taxi transfer to Rovinj Croatia from Graz airport 295 eur

Taxi transfer to Rovinj Croatia from Bled lake 190 eur

Taxi transfer to Rovinj Croatia from Bohinj 195 eur

Transport to Croatia Poreč from airport Ljubljana 160 eur

Transport to Croatia island Krk from airport Ljubljana 170 eur

Transport to Croatia Rovinj from airport Ljubljana 250 eur
* when more than 4 passengers prices are 40% higher
 Slovenian company guarantees fixed prices no matter what, for transportation from airport Ljubljana to Roviny/Rovigno,transportation from ljubljana centre to Roviny/Rovigno adriatic sea,transport from airports Klagenfurt,Graz,Trieste,Vienna,Venice,Zagreb.Low cost offer taxi connection to Rovinj adriatic coast, guaranteed cheapest service for personal transfer to Rovinj .Providing transfer from Slovenia to Rovinj Croatia, from Bled to  Rovinj croatia, from Piran/Portoroz slovenia to Rovinj croatina coast, from Rovinj to airport Ljubljana, from Rovinj to airport Trieste.See links for other services, please