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Taxi transfer to Zrce

  Taxi transfer to Zrce Croatia from Ljubljana Slovenia. Popular summer party spot Zrce is at 285 kilometers distance from airport Ljubljana, 20 kilometers less when going from Ljubljana bus station. Because of the distance and crossing on a ferry, ride to get there lasts 4-5 hours.At the top of the season, additional 2-3 hours can be lost in traffic jams and waiting lines for ferries.

  If you consider yourself as a party animal, Zrce is a place where you sholud not be missed.The Zrce beach is a must go summer destination for partygoers, from all around Europe. A string of allhours discotheques and  bars operating during summer months, guarantees you a nonsleeping couple of
 days. Regulary, internationally famous house and trance DJs represent their knowledge to a eager generation just under or above legislative determined adulthood.

  Localy based company offers transfer  for partygoers from Ljubljana airport to Zrće  for 250 eur 
and for 230 eur from Ljubljana centre. We have a minivan offer for groups up to 8 party people for 
290 eur. We charge no extras for luggage, highway fees, nightime or more time spend on the route 
in high season and we give additional rebate for return trip.Add-on price is only for vomiting inside 
our cars, by this consider that you are alerted .Call us at +386 31 588 783 if more details needed,
 we speaks: english, german and a bit of russian. For transfers to other spots and prices look links 
on the right side or send us an request to get

Call +386 31 588 783
cost for transfer per car:

Taxi transfer to Zrce  from airport Ljubljana 250 eur

Taxi transfer to Zrce Croatia from Ljubljana 230 eur

Taxi transfer to Zrce from Ronchi Trieste 270 eur

Taxi transfer to Zrce Croatia airport Klagenfurt 290 eur

Taxi transfer to Zrce Croatia from airport Venice 350 eur

Taxi transfer to Zrce Croatia from Graz airport 350 eur

Taxi transfer to Zrce Croatia from Bled lake 270 eur

Taxi transfer to Zrce Croatia from Bohinj 290 eur

Transport to Croatia Poreč from airport Ljubljana 160 eur

Transport to Croatia island Krk from airport Ljubljana 170 eur

Transport to Croatia Rovinj from airport Ljubljana 250 eur
* when more than 4 passengers prices are 40% higher
Croatian taxi  company guarantees fixed prices no matter what, for transportation from airport Ljubljana to Zrće party beach,transportation from ljubljana centre to Zrće Pag adriatic sea,transport from airports Klagenfurt,Graz,Trieste,Vienna,Venice,Zagreb.We offer fixed prices for group transport to Zrće and for individual.Providing transfer from Slovenia to Zrce Croatia, from Ljubljana bus station to  Zrce croatia, from Koper train station slovenia to Zrce croatian coast, from Zrče to airport Ljubljana, from Zrche to airport Trieste.Best rated Zrche taxi 2012 .See links for other services, please. 
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